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Viton Gaskets


Our gaskets are cut using a computerized cutting machine to maintain tolerances for a perfect fit. We are capable of providing gaskets in different materials like rubber, cork, sponge, or urethane.

We can create gaskets of all shapes and sizes. Molded and Lathe cut gaskets are also available.


Check out our Product Gallery for recent cut gaskets!



Rubber Gaskets


Rubber gaskets are ideal for sealing chemicals, air and water. Gaskets are available in many different

compounds including Viton®, Neoprene, Buna-N (Nitrile), Silicone, and SBR. 


Gasket material is stocked in a variety of thicknesses and compounds. 


          - Viton® gaskets work great in applications where extream heat or chemicals are being used.


          - Neoprene gaskets are used where light chemicals are present to seal moderate temp air and water.


          - Buna-N gaskets, also known as Nitrile, are very chemical resistant to oils and hydraulic fulids.


          - EPDM gaskets have excellent ozone resistance and are great for steam applications.


          - Silicone gaskets are used in high temp applications where little chemical and abrasion may be experienced.


Cork Gaskets


Cork gaskets are perfect for sealing high temperature air.


Cork gaskets are available in standard cork gasket material or Neoprene/Nitrile impregnated Cork.


Rubber impregnated cork gaskets allow the gaskets to pick up some of the properties of rubber

while remaining light weight and efficient.


Cork Gaskets
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