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Stainless Steel Corrugated Hose
Metal Hose
Metal / Teflon® Braided Hose

Our metal hose assemblies are made in-house and pressure tested to assure they are leak free before shipping to our customers.


Metal hose assemblies can be braided or unbraided and with your specified fittings on each end.


Metal hoses can be Teflon® lined for a smooth inner core.

Stainless Steel Hose
Flanged Hose Assemblies

Flanged hoses can come either braided or unbraided.


Hoses are made to your specified type of flange and bolt pattern.


Flange gasket kits are also available. 

Burner Hoses
Heat Exchange Burners


Burner hoses are ideal for transfering low pressure heat.


Specify your type of fitting or flange on the ends.


Flanged assemblies can come in a variety of bolt patterns and can be either rigid or free floating.



Stainless Steel Tubing
Stainless Steel Tubing

Stainless steel tubing assemblies are also part of what we do at IRP.


Specify the wall, I.D, end fittings, and application.


Tubing assemblies can be bent and welded per customer specs or drawings.

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